We offer Ninjutsu/Budo Taijutsu training based on Bujinkan Ninjutsu/Budo Taijutsu as taught by Soke Dr Masaaki Hatsumi of Noda City Japan, BUYU  KAI (Warrior Friends Society) Japanese Cultural Activities and the NINJAFIT® well-being/fitness/health program based on the centuries old Japanese Taiso system blended with modern sports and exercise science.

As well as having conducted nationally recognized accredited training and education courses in Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer qualifications and Sports (Coaching) Specialization: Martial Arts plus Sports Coaching (other sports specializations).

The Organisation

The 'RTO - Facilitator' relationship began in 2003 with International College of Kenshusei to ensure all of our martial arts organisation instructors were appropriately qualified and from 2016 we were proud to offer other REGISTERED TRAINING ORGANISATION's courses.

Any student wishing to become a Sensei (instructor) within our martial arts organisation must undergo Cert III & IV Sports (Coaching) Specialisation: Martial Arts (Ninjutsu/Jujutsu) training, hold a Senior First Aid certificate and Police clearances as a minimum requirement before instructing in a dojo, training which we provide 'in house'.

The same high standard of professionalism is required from our fitness/sport coaching industry trainers and qualifying students as we require from our martial arts instructors.

ALL instructors undergo 'working with children' police clearances and child safe evaluation. ALL instructors undergo 'Child safe environment' & 'sport coach - child coaching electives' training courses, ALL instructors hold senior first aid and CPR certification.

We have in place inclusion, member protection, harassment, discrimination and abuse policies and risk management policies reviewed regularly.

All Nationally recognized qualifications training delivered in association with several REGISTERED TRAINING ORGANISATIONS, All Nationally recognized qualifications issued by a REGISTERED TRAINING ORGANISATION.

All this, as well as . . . Ninjutsu International, Aussie Ninja Kids, NINJAFIT & Buyu Kai (Warrior Friends Society) courses for schools since 2001. NINJAFIT through the AASC - Active After Schools Communities program (Australian Sports Commission approved) since 2005 , kids/youth organisations, council vacation care, after school care and corporate clients, including: Ninjafit®, Samuraifit™, Karatefit™, Warriorfit™ and Rojinfit™ (seniors fitness) Taiso fitness programs, bonsai, Japanese cooking, tea ceremony, drama/plays, ink art, archery, Taiko drumming and traditional weapons Japanese cultural activities.

Trading names include:


Note: NINJAFIT - is a registered trademark of NINJUTSU INTERNATIONAL Pty Ltd.

Organization head profile:

Sosai Gary started sports at a young age, competing in mini-league Aussie Rules football, inter-school basketball, mini motocross, and local club tennis. In his late teens (1983) he discovered Ninjutsu which has been a passion now for over 37 years.

Starting working life as a qualified bartender and working on the door (security) of nightclubs on the South Coast (Victor Harbour) followed by joining the RAAF (Airframe trade) also completing a Fitness Leaders course in 1986 through the 'Body Workshop' in Adelaide, then a sports massage and Traditional Oriental Medicine Diploma and shortly after that complimented by basic skincare/beauty therapy/waxing short courses.

Working from home at Semaphore Park in the late '80s as a 'personal trainer' long before it was 'hip' to be one (it was still just called fitness instructing back then) and also completing the 'Nautilus training systems' course and working at the 'Nautilus' gym Renaissance center Rundle Mall Adelaide at the time. Aerobic, circuit, and weight training in many gyms around Adelaide over the years and continuing to train in Ninjutsu . . . the fitness, health, and wellbeing industry has been a constant passion.

In the mid '90s worked for Creative Fitness Marketing (promotion and sales of Gym memberships) which lead to the opportunity of running the massage rooms and reception (openings and on occasions closings) at Barton's Fitness Centre (now renamed Fit Life Health and Fitness Centre) in Enfield, Adelaide, this included everything from pool maintenance, morning preparation of tills, closings, running wet areas and gym, etc, reception client interaction, class bookings, phone handling, counter sales and stock control to conducting the massage rooms services of waxing, facials, and massage. Learning all facets of the fitness industry.

Starting a security company in 1996, finally turned continued part-time security work (fully unconditionally licensed with all security endorsements) into a full-time career. This led to winning the South Australian Garrison Support contract to provide the security services (patrols and guards) for 12 Australian Defense Force bases in South Australia.

Then to escape the daily stress of running a large security company Sosai Gary decided in 2000 to teach kids martial arts part-time.
The groundwork was laid down to establish a kids club a couple of years later in Valley View Adelaide quickly growing to 5 Dojo across Adelaide and full-time, daytime activity programs in schools by 2003. This and providing VET in Schools (since 2007), Sports Coach Cert II, III & VI, and Fitness Industry Cert III & IV training has since taken over from the provision of security services.

Sosai Gary now brings his extensive knowledge (over three and a half decades) of these 3 industries (Martial Arts, Security & Fitness/Sport) together with a REGISTERED TRAINING ORGANISATION's nationally recognized training packages to provide a high standard of training for the fitness, sports coaching, and martial arts industries.

Apart from the martial arts study Sosai Gary at 55 years of age holds the following qualifications, memberships, and certificates:

Introduction to hydraulic mechanics (1983) Tafe course
Bar management course (cert issued in 1985)
Fitness Leader (Cert issued in 1986) (Old Fitness instructor/Personal Trainers qualification through The Body Workshop)
Nautilus Fitness systems training course (internal work course no cert, 1988)
Risk Management Officer (Cert issued in 2003)
Cert IV Trainer and Assessor BSZ4040198 (issued April 2004) - TAE equivalent back then.
RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) assessor Cert from SA Gov, Dept of Further Education, Employment Science and Technology (issued 2010)
Cert III Sports (Coaching) SRS30306 Specialization: Martial Arts (issued 2004)
Cert IV Sports (Coaching) SRS40306 Specialization: Martial Arts (issued 2004)
Community Coaching Cert (issued for the Active After Schools Program in 2005)
Cert III Fitness Instructor (re-qualification/update)
Cert IV Personal Trainer (re-qualification/update)
Senior First Aid & CPR Certificate (regularly updated)

Other specialization qualifications/certificates obtained over the past 36 years:

Understanding Exercise Psychology  CEC code 90624FA1209
Hypnotherapy Certified ASA

Sports nutrition for endurance training  CEC code 02057FA0611 (nutrition for endurance athletes)
Weight Management  CEC code 90885FA1110  (nutrition for weight control)

Body Systems (Sports science):
Straps, Steps, and Alignment  CEC code 90624FA1209 (postural correction)
Common Injuries  CEC code 90883FA1110 (exercise injury identification & treatment)
A Balancing Act  CEC code 90886FA1110   (core/balance specialization)
Metabolic Training Certification  (Fitness Consulting Group LLC)
Human Movement Specialist (Brookbush Institute - Fitness Australia AusReps/Australian Physiotherapy Council AusPhysio recognized)

Training Specializations:
Awesome Aqua  CEC code 90882FA1110  (aqua aerobics)
Box your best  CEC code 90884FA1110  (boxing pad workouts)
Total Body Blitz  CEC code 90888FA1110  (bands & fit ball specialization)
IBDA Ninjutsu Weapons Specialist (Advanced level) issued 18/04/09
IBDA Shidoshi Teacher Training Course

Business Management Skills Certificate set:  CEC code 90993FA1111
Get Yourself Sales Fit
Personal Training Business
Grow Your Business
Investing In Staff For Business Success

Other memberships and clearances:

Working with children Police cleared
Holder of a personal 'Prohibited Weapons permit'
Holder of a business 'Manufacturer and Dealer of Prohibited Weapons permit'.
Member of Australian Fitness Network, Membership Type: Professional
Member of IBDA - International Bujinkan Dojo Association
Member of The ABD - American Bujinkan Dojo Association since 2003
Bujinkan membership, Japanese Hombu - head training hall.
Head (founder) of the Buyu Kai Kokusai - Warrior Friends Society International Since 1999
Incorporated in 2014 Buyu Kai inc. # A42304 (Associations Incorporation Act 1985)
Member of the South Australian Canine Association (Dogs SA)
Former Vice President, committee member, and webmaster of Gepps Cross Dog Training Centre Inc.
Former committee member of The Enfield Historical Society

Current study

Integrated Manual Therapist
Adaptive Training Specialist (Disability)
Nutrition - 10763NAT

Current study path

Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology

Forever the student...