Learn effective evasion based self-defense and traditional combat skills based on proven survival methods used by the Ninja and Samurai of Feudal Japan, balance, co-ordination, gain self-awareness, control, spatial awareness, improved self-esteem, confidence, mental ability, fitness, well-being and gain inner peace.

Authentic 830 year old non-sporting, 'old school' Bujustu from the Togakure ryu Ninpo Taijutsu, Gyokushin ryu Ninpo and Kumogakure ryu Ninpo and Gyokko ryu Kosshijutsu, Koto ryu Koppojutsu, Shinden Fudo ryu Dakentaijutsu/Jutaijutsu, Hon Tai Takagi Yoshin ryu Jutaijutsu, Kukishinden ryu Happo Hikenjutsu and Gikan ryu Koppojutsu of the Takamatsu Ha (school) of the Toda-Matsudaira, Ishitani and Mizuta clan lineages.

The fundamentals of the 9 schools known as the TEN CHI JIN (Heaven, Earth, Man) plus the Togakure Ninpo arts Tonso gata, Taijutsu Ukemi, and Gaeshi gata are mastered first then each of the other arts are completed in succession as a 'Dan' (level).

Learning Ninpo taijutsu (Ninja body methods), Bushi Bujutsu (Samurai martial methods), Jutaijutsu (Supple body methods), Dakentaijutsu (Striking methods), Koppojutsu (Bone structure methods), Koshijutsu (Pressure point methods), Taihenjutsu (gymnastic methods), Kihon Happo (8 fundamentals), Hajutsu (Escape methods), Sanshin (3 Hearts methods), Bukijutsu (Weapons methods) and all their henka (variations).

4 year old to Adults Traditional Ninpo & Samurai Bujutsu (Martial arts), authentic traditional Ninja and Samurai weapons programs, self-development, body conditioning, fitness & wellbeing. Fun, family-friendly, inclusive. ACS - Aggression Control System evasion based modern self-defense. Train in person at one of our Dojo or affiliated Dojo.

Note: currently there is no in-person ninjutsu training as we are sourcing a new dojo.